Monday, January 5, 2009

Soy Beans

So remember studying for Step 1 and having to know that vegetarians are at an increased risk for B12 deficiency? Well, I came across an article talking about the benefits of soy beans. If fortified w/cobalamin as some soy products are, it looks like being a vegetarian isn't so "risky" and actually beneficial.
To make this article peds related...I found it interesting that babies on soy formula can have decreased absorption of iron or thyroid hormone supplementation. Furthermore, soy contains tyramine so could cross react with MAOI's.
Key points from article:

-reduce cholesterol, LDL, and TG levels.
-reduce menopausal hot flashes
-reduce bone turnover-->improve bone mineral density
-diarrhea (common)
-Rare:menorrhagia, amenorrhea, HA, dizziness, MSK complaints

Article from American Family Physician, Vol 79, No. 1, Jan. 1, 2009
Michelfelder, Aaron J., MD. "Soy: A complete Source of Protein", pp. 43-47

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DrJaymez said...

Interesting. I'll give it a read once OSU's electronic journal section brings us into 2009. As I recall, it is vegans in particular who are at risk for B12 deficiency over their less picky vegetarian counterparts.

My favorite B12 supplement, is of course vegemite . For those that haven't tried it, it is a tasty yeast extract from Down Under. An Aussie taught me how to eat it on bread with a bit of cheese.